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Greenville SC Search Engine Marketing

With the robust growth that Greenville and the rest of the upstate have enjoyed in recent years, your business needs powerful online marketing solutions that meet your specific needs such as search engine optimization and local paid search, at a price point that keeps you competitive. Southeast Digital Marketing offers online marketing in Greenville, SC but also covers the entire Upstate of South Carolina as well as servicing clients across the United States.

Using Trackable Phone Numbers to Measure Success

In a previous article, I talked about using targeted paid search to drive phone calls to your business. It is one of the most direct methods that you can use to generate quality phone leads. In this article, we will discuss using trackable phone numbers to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts from paid search (PPC), promotions on your site or direct mail. The idea is simple:

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Web Analytics for Busy Business Owners

Ever wonder if your website is helping your business make money? I know I do. Putting as much time into my site as I do, I really want to know if all of the effort is paying off. But what if you don't look at sites and their statistics for a living? Does it seem like it's just way too much trouble to learn ANOTHER task to take up your time? I thought so. I'm here to show you how to find out simple information about your site without hauling out a bunch of geeky books. Promise.

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Click to call: A Small Business Owner's Secret Weapon

For many business owners, the almighty phone call still reigns supreme as the main source of leads. More and more, consumers of all kinds are doing their searching for what they want via their mobile phones, often on a smart phone. Therefore, it is incumbent on the business owner who has a site and/or markets online to be aware of the best way to get your potential customers to reach out and call you.

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